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What is Locator?

This App lets your friends and family know where you are - even when you don't have time to tell them or can't use the phone because you are driving.
With a simple, intuitive interface gives you full control of who can ask for and receive your position location.  

Key Features

  • Locator lets you tell your friends and family your location safely and securely. It responds to their SMS request by sending a map or a Google map location.
  • You are in full control of who you share your location with. You can manually confirm every location request you receive. 
  • You can also choose to respond automatically by adding trusted contacts to your Whitelist. With no buttons to press, the Whitelist is especially useful when you are driving and can't answer the phone, you can still reassure loved ones that you're on your way.
  • You can avoid being bugged by unwanted location requests by using your Blacklist. Locator ignore any requests from contacts on this list and will not even tell you that you have had a request from them.
  • You can remove people from your Whitelist and Blacklist at any time from the main Locator screen.
  • Locator can also respond to requests from non-Android smart phones. If they send an SMS with the phrase 'WhereAreYou', Locator will send Google map reference which can be opened in their browser.  This approach can also be used by Android users who do not have the Locator app installed.
  • Important: To use the automated replies to your friends, please make sure that your phone handles SMS correctly. If you have times when you receive the same SMS many times and you pay for each SMS, you should not use the Whitelist in this application, as it will respond to each request you receive.

Managing Your Privacy
Locator is an Android application that lets you share your position with only those that you want to. It uses a Whitelist of people that you always want to share your location with, and a Blacklist of those you never want to give your location to. No location is sent without your explicit permission.
Sending a Request
To send a location request you can either enter the phone number into the phone number field, or you can select the phone to send the request to from your contacts

.Responding to a Request
If you receive a location request from someone on your whitelist, Locator automatically finds your location using GPS and then sends this in a message back to whomever requested it - without you having to do anything. This is especially useful if you are driving, for instance, and can't answer the phone.

If you receive a location request from someone on your Blacklist however, Locator will immediately discard the request and will not send your location.

If you receive a location request form someone who is on neither your Blacklist or Whitelist you can send your location once, ignore the request, add them to the blacklist or add them to the Whitelist. If you add them to the whitelist, your location is automatically sent.
Managing Your Contacts
You can review the people on your Whitelist and Blacklist whenever you want and can easily remove them from the list by just holding down their entry for a second and selecting "Delete".
 This is what deleting an entry from the Whitelist looks like.
Displaying your Location
When a location is received, Locator displays this position on a Google-powered map inside the Locator Application. This is how someone climbing Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, England looks on the Locator map.
And when zoomed in shows exactly how far up the Tor they have got so far.
The Locator Map also allows you to choose to just view the roads without showing the satellite picture if you prefer.
Non-Android Users 
Even your friends without Locator or Android devices can find you if they have a web-capable phone. If they send you an SMS containing just the word "WhereAreYou", Locator will send them an SMS containing your location and a hyperlink to Google Maps with your location highlighted (provided you choose to share your location with them!). Below is an example of the SMS your friend may receive.
And the next picture shows what they will see when they click on the link.