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Getting Started

  1. Install Locator from the Android Marketplace on to your Android device.
  2. Ensure your GPS option is switched ON
  3. Open the Locator application by touching the Locator icon in your list of applications
Finding Out Where Someone Is

NOTE: The phone that you are trying to find the location of must also have Locator installed, or you will not get a reply.

1. Either enter their phone number in the field provided or select them from your Contacts by pressing the "Select Contact" button. Below is an example picture of the Contacts Selection screen.
2. If the contact has more than one phone, you are next asked to select which phone you wish to find the location of as shown in the following picture.
3. Selecting the phone will take you back to the main Locator screen and will show the contact picture, name and phone number as shown in the next picture.
4. Pressing the "Send Request" button will send an SMS to the phone that you have selected. It may take a long time for the SMS to be delivered (for example if the other phone is turned off) and it can sometimes take a while for the GPS on the other phone to work out where it is, so it may take a while for the location to appear.

5. When the other phone has determined its position it will send an SMS back to you containing its location. Locator will read this SMS and display their location on a map, an example of which is shown below. If you have closed Locator before the location is received, simply re-open Locator and it will display the map instead of the main screen.

Using the Map

1. If you touch the map, the zoom in and out buttons will be displayed at the bottom. Pressing on the "+" button will zoom in and pressing on the "-" button will zoom out. You can move the map around by dragging it with your finger.  Pressing the "Options" button on your phone while the map is displayed will pop-up a menu of options as can be seen in the next picture.

2. Pressing "Toggle Satellite" will turn the satellite image on and off on the map. By default the satellite image is on as shown above but turning it off just leaves the roads as can be seen in the picture below.
3. Pressing "Toggle Roads" will highlight the roads in blue. You may need to select this option a few times, but the effect is shown below.

4. The final map option is "Recentre". If you have moved the map around, pressing this button will recentre the map on the last reported phone location. To leave the map screen, simply press the "Back" button on your phone.
Receiving a Request

1. When you receive an SMS containing a Locator request from someone who is neither on your whitelist nor your blacklist, Locator will add an icon to the status bar at the top of your phone display. The Locator icon is the green target in the top left of this picture.
2. Pull the status bar down with your finger to see the individual entries..........and touch the Locator row. This will bring up the Locator confirmation screen.
3. This will show you who has sent the request (if they are one of your contacts) and let you choose what you want to do with the request. 
    • To send a map with your location on just this once, press the "Send Location" button.
    • To add this person to your Whitelist and send your location, press the "Add to Whitelist" button.
    • To ignore this request and not send your location this time, press the "Ignore Request" or back button on your phone.
    • To add this person to your blacklist so that Locator ignores all requests from this person press the "Add to Blacklist" button. Unless you subsequently remove them from your blacklist, Locator will never send your location to them and will not even inform you that they have sent you a location request.