Potter Programs
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About Potter Programs

With our background of developing high quality software applications,  Potter Programs are now producing Google Android applications using the same professional approach.

Focusing on quality, our Android developer tests all his applications on a simulator and beta versions on mobile devices before launching in the Android Market Place

Our Application portfolio is expanding every month and we aim to include a number of application categories including:

  • Communication

  • Social Networking

  • Travel

  • Games

  • Utilities

Finding our Products

http://www.android.com/media/wallpaper/gif/androids.gifWe distribute our products via the Android Market directly to users of Android-compatible phones. This is a fast and simple way for our customers to get hold of our products.

We usually publish two versions of each product; a Free App which includes ads, and an ad-free Paid App. We continue to support each product launched by providing updates and new versions. Users will receive automatic notifications if  newer versions of our Apps are available to download.

We appreciate receiving ratings, comments and suggestions for improvements through the Android Market feedback process. To learn more about how to use Android Market, visit the Android Market help centre.

The History of Potter Programs

Potter Programs started in 1987 as professional publishers and producers of Electron adventure games. A small company based in Berkshire, their motto was "The Hotter Programs".  They produced 10 titles including Galadriel In Distress, Flint Strikes Back and the Staff of Law.